"Although I have been making cakes for many years you have given me great tips and advice on making the ideal cupcake, and then there was the decorating... We couldn't believe how much we achieved in that time and how good our cupcakes looked..."

I wanted to thank you for a great day on Saturday on the Intensive Cupcake course. I really enjoyed it and it was well worth the two hour drive to get to you! I loved learning how to do the crafting and how to pipe. I will be practising my piping loads this week now I know how to do it properly! I got loads of great tips from you and I cant wait to put them into practise. I'd be ever so grateful if you could keep me posted on any other courses your thinking of running in the future as I would love to come on them.
- Lindsey

Really nice to meet you and Jenny. Thank you so much for such a fun and organised party. Stress free for me which was great. The mums loved the photos and were dreading the many cakes they still had left to eat.....sugar rush galore...! - Sarah

Ella loved it! Just a short email to let you know just how much we enjoyed our one day intensive course. We had a lovely relaxing, but productive day and certainly learnt loads from you. Although I have been making cakes for many years you have given me great tips and advice on making the ideal cupcake, and then there was the decorating... We couldn't believe how much we achieved in that time and how good our cupcakes looked. The family was very impressed indeed. My husband actually said how lovely they tasted, which surprised him as sometimes things can look good but disappoint in taste. The other people on our course were lovely and it was a good mother and daughter bonding session as well. Thank you for a great day, a warm welcome and lovely tea and coffee! - Maggie and Jenny

I just want to thank you so very much for a great day yesterday, I really enjoyed it and learned so much!
- Jo Bird

I was very impressed with my cupcakes and still can’t believe I made them given that I'm not creative at all. It's definitely inspired me (and given me the confidence) to start making them at home. I had a great time and every last crumb of cake was appreciated by my other half, my work colleagues and me! They really did taste as good as they looked. Thanks again for a lovely day
- Reema Pathak

Thank you very much for Saturday I have a really fun time. I didn’t really know what to expect as I have never done anything like that before, but I enjoyed it so much. I can’t believe how quickly the day went. I took them round to my sister’s on Sunday for her birthday and no one actually believed that I had decorated them! Both my sisters might be interested in doing a course now.
- Sorrel Rose

I didn't think, when I when arrived that morning, that I would be able to walk out the door at the end of the day with 12 beautifully decorated cupcakes. I felt that the course was very knowledgeable and extremely enjoyable - more so than I had actually expected. The informal, friendly setting of your lovely country kitchen added to the enjoyment of the day. The handout was informative and the whole experience was great fun. At first the length of the course was a bit daunting but the time goes so quickly and there is so much to learn that I feel that it is actually the right length. The small number in the group (6) was just right and ensured that we all got the attention/help that we required.
- Jeanette Redrup

I had a great day creating my cupcakes. I still can't believe what I managed to create and, even though the actual cupcakes were eaten very quickly (!), I have kept the hat, bag and shoe to give me inspiration to make some more!! The class has given me the confidence to make more at home - I think they will make great Christmas presents! Overall, I had and really enjoyable and fun day and I would recommend it highly! Thanks again, Katie, for a fab day!
- Fiona Crawford

I had a fab day at the cupcake class. I was so pleased that I could actually make cupcakes that looked impressive. I didn't let the family eat them for a couple of days so I could just look at them in admiration and show them to as many people as possible! Most people thought I had cheated and bought them! Thanks to Katie for a really enjoyable day and showing me how to make the most beautiful cupcakes. - Joanna Brown Thank you for such a creative, fun filled day! I loved learning how to make the 3D shoe and handbag cupcakes – they look amazing! I can’t wait to recreate all what I have learnt. - Jennifer Maddock

I found your class a great way to learn a new skill and fun too. All the cakes looked amazing and were delicious too.
- Billie Craig